Thursday, November 30, 2006

Black Friday Reflections

Well it's been a week since the Blackness and I know all of you have been dying to hear about my experience so here it goes. Nothing happened. No fights, no people yelling at each other or at me, absolutely nothing. I was disappointed. The only thing that was annoying was saying "We're out of it" about 700 times, especially when it came to the Nintendo Wii. Doesn't anybody know that if they're not on the floor then we don't have any? It's like we're hiding them in the back and if you're smart enough to ask then you get one cause you're so smart, you smart, smarty-pants you.

I thought it was funny that people had been waiting in line for hours in the cold when they could've bought all the products that were on sale that Friday on Wednesday then brought their receipts in to get them adjusted. One guy did that, so I had to give him credit.

Anyway that's it. Not that exciting. I still have finals coming up and I also have to work during them so things are gonna suck for a while. I have a lot going thru my head right now and I can't relax. I need the Sandman to come take me away, but he's a little busy with someone else right now and I don't blame him....

At least I don't have to work on the day after Christmas. I'll be in Puerto Rico sitting on a beach, earning 20%.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

It's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So got up at 6:30 Friday morning and went to work to deal with the launch of the PS3.
When I arrived I was disappointed because I didn't see anyone in line outside the store. Bear in mind that there were people lining up at noon on Wednesday so when I didn't see them there I started to wonder but then realized that, according to our policy, someone had handed out tickets to the first 10 people in line because that's how many units we had. I had to tell this to the one poor sap standing outside, believing he was the first, and then watched him storm off.
After that everything went off without a hitch, which was too bad. I'd been hearing stories of other stores having riots in their parking lots and people beating the shit out of each other but sadly that did not happen. Instead the people who had received tickets marched in like zombies, bought the console and then left to sell them for two grand on ebay. Oh well, maybe next time.

I did have a great dinner that night, though. I had a giant olive and some Bambi.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Work Happenings

Ok I did it. I'm embarrassed but I did it. I bought two 10th Anniversary Tickle Me Elmo toys from my work. They are sitting in my room waiting to take advantage of a desperate parent with money to spend who just HAS to get their kid the "Toy of the Season". I actually got up at 8am to go buy them. It's sad, but I'm sure I'll get over it once Elmo makes me a rich man.

An old lady asked me to move six 50lb bags of dog food around so she could get the one that came with a free dog treat inside.

Some degenerate stole a pregnancy test. If you can't afford to buy the test, what are you gonna do if you're pregnant?

A customer wanted to return a widescreen DVD because he didn't have a widescreen TV to play it on. I told him you could play the DVD on any TV, which is true. He refused to believe me and got pissed when I repeated myself 20 times. Idiot.

I want to burn the section of the store that sells clothing for dogs.

Some animal decided to go to the footcare aisle and proceeded to open several packages of insoles, like Dr. Scholl's and that gel crap, in order to examine them and then left them on the floor. For some reason I thought if I had been there earlier I would seen Sasquatch.

Me: "Can I help you?"
Dumbass: "Do you have the DVD of the Borat movie?"
Me: "You mean the one that just got released in theaters?"
Dumbass: "Yeah"
Me: "No"
Dumbass: "But it just came out"
Me: "Yeah......IN THEATERS."

"This job would be great if it wasn't for the fucking customers."
-Randal Graves