Monday, June 30, 2008

Hey, check me out...... all postin' and stuff.

Hey look at me, I'm postin' again. So let's see.... here's what's been going on. I changed my major from computer science to electro-mechanical engineering, I quit Target, and I moved out of the hell house I was living in before.

Turns out that roommate I was living with, the one that had a dog, all of a sudden turned into Dr. Doolittle. He brought in a Great Dane without even asking me if it was ok. His girlfriend's dog also stayed with us all the time. Eventually he got rid of the Great Dane, then a week later he picked a stray off the street, told me he was gonna take it to the shelter and never did. Then adopted another dog from his job, making a total of four dogs running around the house at any given time. It was awful. Plus he was a racist. We had a disagreement while I was moving out and he called me a "fucking Mexican". So yeah, I'm glad I got outta there.

I am now living with a friend of mine named Fahad. We get along and he has a dog named Odin who is awesome. He's a mutt who is as cool as Ofelia, my old dog (R.I.P).

My car had some issues but I fixed them myself, which was cool, saved me some money. Had to change the starter, a headlight and one of the internal components for the windshield wipers.

My Xbox died, but it was still under warranty so they're fixing it for free.

My apartment complex has a gym so I'm trying to become as metrosexual as I can.

My Celtics won the NBA championship. They were the first sports team I really got into so that was cool.

At this time I would like to open the floor to any questions.