Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I had a dream....

Last night I had a dream that cost $150 million to make. It had lavish locations, great special effects and A-list actors. It started off in space where I was teamed up with Johhny Depp who was playing a character not unlike Jack Sparrow. We were trying to rescue a girl named Penny Maupin, played by a friend of mine, who was abducted from a book store by an apecat, which is a monster that is part huge King-Kong ape and part cat. Somehow we ended up in Puerto Rico, where I'm stuck in the back of a Jeep being driven through a jungle by Johhny Depp, who is slowly morphing into Will Smith, who is aging backwards. We came to a stretch of water and I found out the Jeep floats, which was good, but due to a lack of a propulsion system I had to get in the water and push it to our destination, which was bad cause the water had sharks in it.

We arrived at an island where this woman wanted to charge us $1000 to buy a story, I don't know why we needed to, I just remember thinking that we could download one for free. I also thought the price was outrageous but by that time Will Smith had aged back to his "Fresh Prince" days and Carlton was there to pay for the story. Then I had to pay $1.80 for a can of coke while we ate single servings of cornbread. $1.80!! Apparently the woman was upset at me because in an earlier dream I had designed some pants with a special hideaway pocket and the person I was making them for turned out to have problems accessing the pocket because he was fat. I told her that wasn't my problem, my work was good, it was her fault for not informing me the guy was gonna be fat, but she refused to listen to me and overcharged me for the soft drink. The cornbread was terrible too. Unfortunately after that scene the entire production was cut short due to a jackhammer outside my window at 7am. We never did find Penny.